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As well as providing training and events to support all our products, we provide bespoke coaching, training and consultancy to meet the needs of our individual clients. Find out more about what we deliver below ....
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"I gained insight into the kind of leader I am and now have choices in how to lead according to the situation. I have clarity about my role as professor in our institution as well as in the outside world. I have learned how to delegate better. I have a clearer idea of the distinction between free leisure time and work time and how to use this free time better."

Prof Anna Van Wersch
Teesside University

Janette makes it easy to explore opportunities in an insightful and sensitive way and helps you to crystallize and move to resolution. She has a natural empathy and is a total natural at coaching in my opinion.

Alan Holmes
Coach & Mentor, Director of Portovino Wines

Venture to Think deliver coaching in both the public and private sector and to a range of clients including business owners, senior managers, executives, leaders, clinicians, academics.  We will work with you or your team to identify how to get the best from yourself as you are key to your success and well being.
Our approach to coaching is highly structured and designed to support and enable you to explore your personal style, identify your skills, understand your behaviour and examine your attitudes.  It is a process of learning and a means of setting specific goals which are action orientated.
Performance Development Coaching: Performance = Potential minus Interference.  Everyone has barriers or blocks to growth.  We work with you to help you understand those blocks and to develop effective strategies to overcome them thus improving your performance and the performance of your team or organisation.
Business Coaching: developing you, developing your staff and developing your business.   
Executive Coaching: making what is good, even better and helping you to keep ahead of the game.
Leadership Coaching: developing your management and leadership skills in relation to you and your organisation's goals.
Well Being and Emotional Resiliance Coaching: enabling you to build your sense of well being and resiliance in relation to the demands that life, work or business issues bring.
As a consequence of coaching, you will gain insight and understanding, develop skills and have a set of tools and techniques which you will use over and over again  in your working, business and personal life.
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Enetrprise catalyst
Develops enterprising skills. Integrates intervention with robust evaluation.
AABC Diagnostic
Moves pre-start and early stage ventures to the next stage of the journey. Predicts business survival and success.
21st Century Entrepreneurs
Converts business owners into entrepreneurs, identifies and builds high performance lead teams.
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