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Business on the Front Foot Programme, June 2009
Working with partners, we are running this business development programme which is being delivered to over 30 business owners.  It starts with a detailed 1-1 business diagnostic for each of the business owners which will identify the 'real' issues which will determine success or failure.  This is followed by 5 half day workshops which will address how to deal with the key issues identified.  This is an impactful programme which has a proactive approach to moving your business forward. 21st Century Entrepreneurs profiling tool is used as part of the programme.
Business Breakthrough Programme, June 2008 An exciting and high impact 8 day programme taking place over a period of 6 months, which takes the owners of high growth businesses through their personal and business challenges which leads to significant business breakthrough.  We use the 21st Century Entrepreneurs profiling tool as part of the programme.
Mentoring Training, 2008
VTT provided training in mentoring skills for the key mentors and mentees within the Forum in order to bring a more structured and effective approach to the role of the mentor.
Enetrprise catalyst
Develops enterprising skills. Integrates intervention with robust evaluation.
AABC Diagnostic
Moves pre-start and early stage ventures to the next stage of the journey. Predicts business survival and success.
21st Century Entrepreneurs
Converts business owners into entrepreneurs, identifies and builds high performance lead teams.
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